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EXEGESIS, Philip K Dick

p 39


Last night, for example, I heard her (you know, my anima, the sibyl) singing along with a choir:

You must put your slippers on

To walk toward the dawn


With advice like that, how can I lose? (Seriously, she did sing that, but what it means I have no idea. I don’t even own any slippers. Two nights ago I dreamed about the Goddess Aurora, who is the Greek Goddess of the Dawn. I sure have odd nights.)

Having a great time at the Hearing Voices café, 22-10-14




Coming into the café, bright letters outside, hoping to finally read my Philip K Dick Exegesis, I find two men sitting at the Hearing Voices café table, joyously eating cake and drinking big foamy coffees. Herr Dr. Robert Dorner and a friend. I give them our new printed insert #2 (thanks Alex Gifreu) in the Hearing Voices Café paper, one side with the opening speech of Dr. Marius Romme at the 2014 Intervoice Congress in Thesaloniki, with the title “How to solve the schizophrenia problem”, and on the other side, Heike Hinze’s mirror artwork.

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7 Questions for Thomas Bock. 14-10-2014, Hearing Voices Café 18.00


(Photo: Jann Wilken)

1- Psychosen ohne Psychiatrie: Do people suffering from psychosis need psychiatry?

2- Hearing Voices without psychiatry. – What is the relation between voices and mental suffering? Is it possible to live happily and fully, and without psychiatry, with voices?

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