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The Hearing Voices Café: a conversation with Caroline Von Taysen

Last Friday, at the Hearing Voices Café, conversation with Caroline von Taysen on anti-psychiatry, trialogic  psychiatry structures (experiencers, family, health professionals), political nuances and drives of the Hearing Voices movement, England, Kenya, the States; How there is no paradise country for the voice-hearer; the Hearing Voices movement in Germany; psychopharmacy and long term thinking, Trieste, guilt, crisis and life.

7 Questions for Thomas Bock. 14-10-2014, Hearing Voices Café 18.00


(Photo: Jann Wilken)

1- Psychosen ohne Psychiatrie: Do people suffering from psychosis need psychiatry?

2- Hearing Voices without psychiatry. – What is the relation between voices and mental suffering? Is it possible to live happily and fully, and without psychiatry, with voices?

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