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Marius Romme, How to solve the schizophrenia problem

Marius Romme

How to solve the schizophrenia problem

6th World Hearing Voices Congress Thessaloniki

Odysseying with the sirens


Congress speech


Thank you so much, hello, will you please stand up not for me, but for yourselves? Stand up and say hello to your neighbor. OK, now thank you very much and sit down, good idea. Now we go on.

Good morning, I was very much impressed by the last speech of Irene. I was very impressed because she said quite rightly: “Don’t give a diagnosis” and that means you do not have, you should not accept a diagnosis. And this is what I am talking about when I talk about “How to solve the schizophrenia problem”. I would also like to thank and congratulate those who organized this congress in times of crisis. This crisis makes people very creative. It has something positive as well. It is great to have the discussion about the emancipation of the Hearing voices movement in this classical culture country, Greece. This fits with the atmosphere where we would like to emancipate hearing voices. Continue reading Marius Romme, How to solve the schizophrenia problem