7 Questions for Thomas Bock. 14-10-2014, Hearing Voices Café 18.00


(Photo: Jann Wilken)

1- Psychosen ohne Psychiatrie: Do people suffering from psychosis need psychiatry?

2- Hearing Voices without psychiatry. – What is the relation between voices and mental suffering? Is it possible to live happily and fully, and without psychiatry, with voices?

3- You said in one of our previous meetings: “There is not one psychiatry, here are many psychiatries”. What is the relation of psychiatry, and what is your relation as a psychiatrist, to the Hearing Voices Movement?

4- A new psychiatry: the concept of “Trialogue”: a care lead by survivors (!) families, and professionals

Importance of telling stories


Mutual, agreed, open, everyday, possible and independent

5- “De-institutionalization does not only concern buildings”: “institution without walls” is the name they give to psycho pharmacy. Do you see Psycho pharmacy as a new form of forced institutionalization?

6- What is a “good patient” Vs. a “stubborn patient”? Is madness, as they say in Italy, a form of revolt, a form of anti capitalism? Is “illness” – as Britta Peters says in her introduction to “Krankheit Als Metapher”-, a concept excluded from the vocabulary of a successful and dynamic society?

7- Schizophrenia is an existential life crisis of thin-skinned human being, not easy to be avoided- Is there a explainable connection between “madness and creativity”? see here Hannah Weiner, Philip K Dick.